Original Motorcycle Clutch Friction Plates Carbon Fibre Composite

December 26, 2023
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Original Motorcycle Clutch Friction Plates Carbon Fibre Composite

Clutch Friction Material Types


1. Rubber Cork Based Material

Rubber-based friction material is widely used in small displacement motorcycles, for example, 70cc, 100cc, 125cc, 150cc, 200cc, etc. This type of friction material include rubber, cork, and fiber(aramid fibre, carbon fibre,composite reinforced fibre, etc


This type of friction material does not contain asbestos, and it is unable to withstand high temperatures.


It has a relaively lower friction coefficient than paper-based friction. It can meet the basic requirements of wear resistance, noiselessness and environmental protection.


2. Paper Based Material

This type of friction material mainly uses the progress of imported carbon fiber, aramid fiber and resin, which can be used for automobiles and large-displacement motorcycles, especially the very stable friction coefficient, high temperature and fading friction coefficient Small size, ablation resistance, good heat recovery performance (high temperature clutch slipping, clutch friction coefficient, quickly return to original state after cooling).


Clutch Friction Technical Details

Material Details


Clutch Friction Material


Rubber based material: rubber, cork, etc

Paper-based material: ceramics, aramid fibre, carbon fibre, composite reinforced fibre, etc.

Clutch Friction Type

Wet Multi-plate rubber-based friction plates for motorcycle/ATV/Racing

Wet Multi-plate paper-based friction plates motorcycle/ATV

Dry Weight Set, Clutch for Scooter/CVT

Industrial Standard


GB/T 13826-2008 wet type non-metallic friction materials
GB/T 21955-2008 for general machinery technical specifications --paper friction
GB/T 37208-2018 Nonmetallic paper based wet type friction materials
GB/T 15141-2009 Test method for friction element of wet clutch

Motorcycle: Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, kawasaki, KTM, Harley, TVS, Hero, Bajaj, etc

Automobile: Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Ford, BMW, etc

Engineering machinery: Excavator, Loader, Bulldozer, Paver, Crane etc.
Agricultural Machinery: Tractor, Harvester and corresponding equipments


Motorcycle Clutch Friction Plates Dimensions

No Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Thickness Friction Type Brand Motorcycle
BS001 96mm 69mm 3.6mm Rubber Bosento Honda
BS002 119mm 91mm 3mm Rubber Bosento Honda
BS003 119mm 91mm 3mm Paper Bosento Honda
BS004 119mm 80mm 3mm Paper Bosento Honda
BS005 135.5mm 100.5mm 2.2mm Paper Bosento Honda
BS006 136mm 111mm 3mm Paper Bosento Honda
BS007 136mm 101mm 3mm Paper Bosento Honda
BS008 136mm 108mm 3mm Paper Bosento Honda
BS009 115.8mm 91mm 2.6mm Paper Bosento Honda
BS010 115.8mm 101mm 2.6mm Paper Bosento Honda
BS011 119mm 91.5mm 2.2mm Paper Bosento Honda
BS012 150mm 119mm 3mm Paper Bosento Honda
BS013 150mm 120mm 2.7mm Paper Bosento Honda
BS014 150mm 112mm 3.5mm Paper Bosento Honda
BS015 136mm 101mm 3mm Paper Bosento Honda